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Trusted Bail Bonds Service

Acme Bail Bonds, LLC wants to help you. We provide you with bail bonds service and can help you find a lawyer if you don't have one. We work with you to make the bail bonds process as easy as possible. Being prepared with the proper documentation and requirements can help make it easier.

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  • Name

  • County

  • Bail amount

  • Charges

  • Family member or friend to cosign

Please have the following information when you call

  • Minnesota resident

  • Had a job for a year

  • Known the defendant for at least a year

The requirements for a cosigner are as follows:

Payment plans are available. Speak to

one of our friendly staff for details.

We're available 24/7 and have agents statewide. Give us a call.




* Down payment requirements may vary and collateral may

   be needed dependent on bail amount.